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Episode 3 – Debra Angilletta

We are super excited to chat with Deb Angilletta CFO & Certified Profit First Professional about her business and the whacky dynamic between marketing and finance. Deb and Leon had co-authored a blog piece and wanted to continue the conversation on the podcast. Leon’s guest host for the show is the CFO at DSM, Charlene Wingfield, so of course, the game for this show has to be about: MATH!

Let’s start at the beginning.

Deb gives us her own background about how she started her company and what it took to take the leap. We discuss entrepreneurship and what a day in the life of Deb looks like, including the way she services her clients and what value she provides that others cannot. Deb specializes in the information technology space, which happens to be Leon’s background as well, so after some commiserating, we jump into the game. We call it “The Ring of Fire”, and while the ladies try to solve math problems (designed for 5th graders) several people from staff yell random numbers, colors and words in their direction. It goes about as well as we expected for the first math problem…

Let’s dig in!

After neither participant gets the correct answer, we dive a bit deeper into the content of our blog post. Deb talks to us candidly about how CFOs measure marketing agencies and some of the challenges associated. While ROI will always be the ultimate metric for success, Deb discusses some of the intangibles and offers some suggestion on what agencies can do to better prove themselves to their clients. Charlene shares her background and we hit The Ring of Fire: Question 2 HARD. Each contestant puts up an impressive fight, which puts us in a bit of a pickle. (Hint: There’s only one trophy to win!)

Taking it home…

We can’t get The Ring of Fire to shut up (they are very good at their job) but once we do, Deb gives us some insight into the hardest part about her job and the industry that she serves. She shines some light on the lack of understanding of digital marketing for most established business owners. We spend a few minutes trying to figure out how to simplify the message from both Deb and Leon’s perspective and then go for the tie breaker! The game results will shock you. We wrap it up with a friendly handshake.

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