It’s not every day you come across a marketing agency like DSM, but let me tell you, when you do… you should definitely stick around!

My name is Caitlyn (I go by the nickname Smalls in the office), and I’m one of the newest interns here. DSM internship program has definitely offered me a very different learning experience.

I can honestly say that this past month has been full of surprises and I’m about to let you in on all the secrets of DSM. Here’s what surprised me the most during my first month interning here!

The bar (and yes, I mean like an actual bar with a keg on tap)

Does your internship have a keg on tap in the back? Because DSM internship program does and when they first told me about it I thought that they were pulling a fast one on me.

I think I was more surprised by the fact that there was actually a keg in the back than by how much the employees actually drink it. To be honest, I don’t think the thing is touched more than two times a month but it does show that they want to make this a fun and relaxing place to get your work done. This is definitely influenced by the carefree personalities that are in the office.

The endless supply of coffee

Trust me when I tell you, you will never run out of coffee at this office! I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much coffee options in one place. With their own personal coffee grinder and brewing machine and a cold brew on tap, it’s pretty impossible to run out.

This is all thanks to one of DSM’s clients, Corporate Essentials, an office coffee service in the New York/New Jersey area. They provide our office with an entire coffee selection that feeds our coffee addiction. If you’re not a coffee drinker now, you’ll definitely become one after interning here (I definitely did)!

Dress pants, what dress pants?

I like to think of myself as a fashionista and the whole dress pant, business attire look wasn’t in my wardrobe. I was expecting to have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe, but the fact that black slacks are basically considered black-tie attire in the office definitely worked out in my favor.

That’s not to say that all the employees at DSM don’t look great day in and day out (we’re not coming into work in sweats and a T-shirt. We have way more style than that). We’re just allowed to add our own twist of style and comfort to our outfits. This is something I never imaged a business office would be like.

The opportunity to let loose in cyberspace

DSM showed me that it’s okay to let loose and take risks with my writing without getting a slap on the nose for it. This is something I’ve always been taught not to do in my English courses (it’s a nice change). I’m given the freedom to write with my own voice and outspokenness because that’s what this company is about. They want your personality to break through; it’s what differentiates DSM from the norm and gives them a little pizzazz.

I’m not the coffee errand girl

Not going to lie… when looking for an internship I was kind of just expecting to be the “coffee girl” or the “copier girl”. But that is not the case at DSM (thank God). Their internship landing page even states it! “Don’t fetch coffee, do real sh*t.”

I’m given the opportunity to actually be a part of the team here and not just another intern. There are no coffee runs or boring busy work. My work serves a legitimate purpose for DSM and it’s pretty cool to actually see how my work affects the company.

Actually learning something new (who knew!)

I would have never thought that I would learn more in my last month at DSM than I would in my three years of college. I’m becoming fluent in programs that are necessary to know in order to be successful in this industry. I’m becoming an expert on topics such as inbound marketing (which DSM specializes in), something that was never taught to me before in school.

I’m learning something new not only because I’ve never done it before but because the employees at DSM want me to learn. They are more than happy to pass on their knowledge to me.

The not-so-typical company culture

The atmosphere in the office is something that took me by surprise. The employees of DSM aren’t just part of a company, they are part of a team and it is a feeling that can be sensed throughout the office. I was able to sit right down as the new intern and welcomed as if I had been working there for a year already. Throughout my month of being here, I have realized that this is a huge factor of the success that DSM experiences.

The puppies!

On top of the coffee and the beer and the stash of gummy bears in the back, there is the occasional puppy or two that takes a stroll into the office. It’s not very often you hear of other companies having their own Bring Your Dog To Work Day. And I mean… who doesn’t love puppies?!

How much I actually enjoy it!

The thing that I’m most surprised about is how much I actually like coming into the office every day. Never once do I dread interning like some of the horror stories I’ve heard from my peers. It all comes down to the amazing company culture that was created by the employees themselves.

The small, cozy office and relaxed personalities of everyone here are what takes this learning experience to a whole new level.


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