With great content, comes great responsibility

Look at you, you’ve hit the ground running with your newfound knowledge of SEO and inbound marketing. You’ve done the homework, researched keywords and wrote insightful articles, resulting in consistent, great content. Traffic is increasing? Great! That’s what we like to hear. However, as business expands, it’s vital to keep that same consistency, something easier said than done. If you find yourself needing help, it might be time to find the best content writing service for you and your company.

What to expect from a good content service

Congratulations, you’re taking a step in the right direction! The internet is filled with plenty of content writing services, all eager to help supplement your business’s needs. Be wary, however, quantity breeds variety, this is no standardized industry. On your search for the right service, it’s important to keep these things in mind:


As mentioned, there is quite the variety. Almost every content service you come across will have different pricing options. Some users will pay a flat fee for a standard article length, e.g. $25 for 500 words, $40 for 1000 words. Other services instead opt for a price-per-word format, charging a base fee for each article and then adding $.05-$1.00 per word. Other services will have you choose a preferred skill level of the writer and charge strictly based on their expertise. Bottom line, a good content provider should offer you different price points and options to suit your needs.

Quality & consistency

You get what you pay for, right? Not necessarily. Because of the different pricing models, it’s difficult to measure the value of each content writing service based strictly on what you pay for them. A great advantage to look for in a service is the ability to preview who is going to write your content. Being able to view their past work and speak to them directly can make the entire process smoother from start to finish. More importantly, once you find a service who provides acceptable content, make sure they can keep providing content that is up to par. One perfectly written article followed by one filled with grammar mistakes can be a turn off to readers.


Content writing services can vary greatly in terms of what they offer. Some specialize in only articles or blog posts, while others will offer material such as eBooks, press releases and whitepapers. Weigh your options! You may prefer the articles of one service and the eBooks of another; use different services to your advantage.

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Our top 10 (in no particular order)

1. Crowd Content

crowd content content writing service

Crowd Content is a service focused on providing “clients with the easiest and fastest method for sourcing high-quality content.” Writers are rated on a scale of 1 to 4 stars and range from 2.2-12 cents per word. Clients can sign up for a free account to browse all available features and then simply use PayPal or a credit card to begin purchasing from the service.


  • Ease of use: multiple formats can purchased with only one order form
  • Unique pricing option: Tell them what you want to spend and they match you to the highest-rated writer possible
  • Fast Turnaround: most orders are completed within 24 hours
  • All writers USA or Canada-based

2.  Express Writers

express writers content writing service

Express Writers calls themselves the “content agency with high standards,” claiming they write for “people first, search engines second.” This service takes pride in their diverse writers, with staff based in USA, Canada and Europe. In addition, writers with industry-specific expertise are hired to provide their clients with the most knowledgeable content possible. Pricing can vary based on content needs (e.g. social media posts, industry copywriting, marketing content) and is either charged as a standard price-per-word fee or as monthly packaged deal (e.g. 8 blog posts/months of 500-1000 words) for a flat fee.


  • Industry-specific content writing services can provide unique copy that standard content writing services cannot.
  • Dozens of diverse content offerings (copywriting, sales pages, script writing, infographics, etc.)
  • All writers USA, Canada or Europe-based
  • Option to preview any writer’s portfolio before you choose them

3. Scripted

scripted content writing service

“Scripped” started as a platform for screenwriters to collaborate on screenplays and sell them to Hollywood producers. After a change of direction and a few million dollar ventures later, “Scripted” was born. Scripted’s impressive staff of over 80,000 writers almost guarantees that someone will have expertise in your field of content needs. Their flat-free pricing is dependent on the service you require as well as the skill of the writer you choose. Scripted offers “standard” and “specialist” writers.


  • Large writing staff allows limitless options
  • Guaranteed 5 business-day turnaround on almost all offered content
  • “Standard” or “Specialist”-writer pricing
  • 100% transfer of ownership on all content

4. WriterAccess

writer access content writing service
WriterAccess was founded by Byron White, an entrepreneur, author and content marketing revolutionary. WriterAccess prides itself on its organic growth, rather than growth from outside capital, using talented writers and great content pieces to bring their service into the upper echelon of the content marketing world. Writers are graded on a 2 to 6 star scale and range from $.02-$2.00 per word. WriterAccess also provides different benefits for a business’ level of activity. For example, a $50 deposit provides perks such as “Pay as You Go” and “Live Chat and Help Desk Support,” while $2,500 and $10,000+ deposits will provide “Dedicated Account Managers” and “Performance Tracking Analytics,” respectively.


  • Useful perks for those with bigger budgets
  • Although expensive, top-rated writers provide premium content
  • All US-based writers
  • Content Marketing Conference access for high-tiered customers

5. ContentWriters

content writers content writing service
ContentWriters is an easy-to-use website which places an emphasis on the quality of their work and client satisfaction. Although their content offerings may not not be as extensive as similar services, they offer a myriad of benefits. They also provide industry-specific content in fields such as Law & Legal, Finance, Fashion, Entertainment, Food & Restaurant and more. ContentWriter charges flat-fees for each of their offerings and prices only differ when choosing between a 3- and 5-day delivery period.


  • Only US-based writers
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee (you don’t pay for something you’re not happy with)
  • Quick 3-day and 5-day turnaround times
  • Discount for long-term subscribers
  • Transfer of copyright ownership

6. MediaShower

mediashower content writing service
Mediashower’s services encompass the core fundamentals of SEO: great content and quality link building. With over 20 years in the industry, Mediashower relies heavily on their motto, “Content is King.” They use “useful, entertaining and mind-blowing content to help build long-lasting traffic, SEO ranking and sales.” Claiming there are “no shortcuts,” Mediashower shares their entire SEO philosophy on their website. Their pricing is based on around different levels of the subscription-based “Content Engine”; Manager, Plus and Pro accounts offer more value, while a flat-fee Pay-Per-Go is offered for those who only need the occasional article.


  • Build your own editorial team instead of shopping for writers
  • Content posted directly to your site (taking out the middle-man)
  • Content written by proven, professional journalists
  • Different subscription plans cater to different business needs

7. CopyPress

copypress content writing service
Since 2009, CopyPress has built a community “where writers, designers and developers have created micro-businesses centered around their passion.” CopyPress places their offerings into three categories: content, infographics and visibility. Clients can choose a sub-category and describe exactly what they need from their content. CopyPress will then build a custom quote to match the level of depth your work requires. This allows each and every order to be as personable as possible.


  • All work is checked, edited and improved by certified CopyPress editors
  • Writers only choose work they are interested in, resulting in compelling content
  • Content is created, scaled and promoted efficiently based on your industry

8. TextMaster

textmaster content writing service

TextMaster offers professional translation, web content writing and proofreading services. With thousands of employees from all over the globe, this service delivers high quality content in over twenty languages, all written by native speaking writers. Three tiers of expertise separate the quality of content delivered from TextMaster. Basic, standard and enterprise services can suit needs ranging from basic SEO web content to sophisticated, professional presentations. Each tier is priced on a per-word basis, with advanced options such as  expertise and express delivery available for an extra cost.


  • Global community of writers assures your content reads as professional as possible to different target markets
  • Various pricing options suit the needs of casual web designers to full-scale companies
  • Writers are only assigned work of their native-speaking language

9. Zerys

zerys content writing service

This “content success platform” caters to the needs of both marketers and agencies by providing high-quality content from professional writers and powerful, scalable content marketing software. What started as a simply a content marketing agency, Zerys transformed into an “out-of-the-box solution to content management.” The process is broken down into five steps, allowing clients to be in complete control of topics, writer selection, pricing, content approval and distribution. The SmartPost pricing guide allows users to input the minimum and maximum price-per-word and cost range they are willing to spend. Their answers will match them up with writers who are rated on a 3 to 5 start scale.


  • Free content strategy and planning tools for customers
  • Integrated editorial calendar and reminder system
  • “SmartPost” pricing guide simplifies buying process
  • Content reviewed by professional editors

10. TextBroker

textbroker content writing service

TextBroker is a one-stop-shop service for users seeking typical content creation and those planning large web content projects. This service promises a fast and hassle-free experience with any of their thousands of freelance authors. TextBroker starts their pricing for as cheap as 1.3 cents per word and, like other services, rates their writers on a scale system to ensure quality expectations are accurate.


  • Services range from small-scale content to large-scale project management
  • Access to native-speakers of up to 10 different languages
  • Guaranteed unique content: three levels of plagiarism protection

Well, there you have it

Hopefully, we’ve saved you some time and money with our content writing service tips and recommendations. Just a reminder, if you’re not happy with one of these sites, there are probably hundreds more out there who can offer something different. Don’t be afraid to try as many out as you want. You’re the kid and the internet is your candy shop! Now get out there and show us some link-worthy content marketing!

Do you have any additional tips or sites we should know about?
Let us know in the comments!


  • RedSon says:

    Love the approach to this article. Perhaps you could take a look at https://www.textworkers.com. They are rated the number 2 in-house content writing service by Curata and the #1 blog writing service by The Top Tens. They also have 1,000s of positive reviews online by customers.

  • Hilda Hunt says:

    I tried most of the services on your list but found them to be on the pricey side. I needed roughly 25 articles per week so cost is definitely a factor for my business. After using all of the usual ‘cheap’ suspects for a few months (ie. iWriter, iNeedArticles, etc), I settled on using http://LowPriceArticles.com. I’ve been using them exclusively for well over a year now. Super affordable prices for the quality of content they produce. They tout using only tested USA writers. The only issue I found was they don’t offer refunds. Booooo! BUT… they promise to fix any article that you don’t like. Of the 1000+ articles I purchased, I’d say I sent no more than 10 back for revisions. Sure enough, they fixed them every time without any hassle. Definitely found my go-to content source that works for me.

  • Thanks for curating this helpful list, Frank.

    As marketers plan for 2018, I think you’ll also find Prose Media (https://www.prosemedia.com) of value. A bit under the radar, Prose is a content writing service with a free platform, an experienced staff of editors, and 1,000 handpicked writers. Here are a few key differences: https://www.prosemedia.com/compare

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    Thank you Frank for this very informative article here.
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  • JonnyB15 says:

    BKA Content should be included in this list. They have over 250 writers that are all US-based. The prices are very competitive and the quality is high. They’ve been around for 9 years too.

  • Jake Angell says:

    Good list.

    Another premium service, House of Write: https://www.houseofwrite.com/

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